Advantages of Auction Services
  • Complimentary valuation service
  • We provide complimentary valuation service to landlord as basis for setting reserve price.

  • Experienced auctioneers
  • Auctions are being held by our experienced auctioneers, who are good at creating competitive environment thus enable us to complete the transaction at highest price.

  • Extensive network of buyers
  • Our client database, which has been accumulated since our establishment in 1990, ranges widely from corporate investors, chattels collectors, second hand dealers to end users. This extensive network allows us to promote auction properties to the suitable clients. Through promotion and extensive advertisement, we are able to market properties at high and competitive transaction prices.

  • Follow-up service
  • If the property or item has not been sold up to the auction, we will continue our follow-up services to promote the property to other prospective buyers.