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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:

C S Group is committed to protecting your online privacy and to take various measures to protect the information you have provided to us. To help us protect your privacy, please keep your login name and password which you have used for registration on website of C S Group confidential.


C S Group may collect certain personal information with an aim to provide personalized excellent customer services, and promote/advertise our Group's related events and services to our distinguished customers. Some personal information will be collected during your registration of the services or products of the C S Group. We may also request you to provide personal information in other situations, such as when you participate in our Group's promotional events etc. We may refer the information collected to other members of the C S Group (including but not limited to C S Surveyors Limited; C S Auctioneers Limited; C S Asset Management Limited; Shanghai Chung Sen Manly Real Estate Appraisal Company Limited; Chung Sen Manly Property (Shanghai) Company Limited; Shanghai Golden East Property Management Company Limited; Guangzhou Representative Office); other sponsors; banks or financial institution intending to provide services to our customers.


You can notify us by e-mail or in writing at any time not to provide your personal information to other organizations. In addition, you have the right to review your personal information we collect, and to request correction of any inaccurate information.


Please read the statement of our Privacy Policy in order to understand what information we will collect and how we use them.


The use of information through registration :

  • Basic registration on website of C S Group requires you to provide your registration name, password, name, address, contact telephone numbers and e-mail address.
  • Members of C S Group will invite you to participate in our promotional offers. Participants may be requested to provide additional personal data in order to implement the promotional offers and events, or we send notices to advise all our winnersThe information you provide is stored in secure servers. You can specify an e-mail address to receive our notice on our latest offers. When you select personal settings, you can choose not to receive such notice.


Personal data privacy protection:

Please remember to select personal settings for each e-mail address for registration purposes. However, C S Group reserves the right to the provisions of the legislation or allowing the disclosure of personally identifiable information.


Personal Information Collection Statement:

Any person of personally identifiable information, such as name, contact telephone numbers, address, gender, age, occupation, identity card number, credit information, etc. will receive recognition and respect from C S Group and its members. C S Group is committed to complying with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance and to protecting the privacy of online personal data.


C S Group may require the person while using this website, to make enquiries, subscription, application or use of the provision and management of the C S Group or its members, any information, services, products, programs or membership registration to provide personal information. We will use any online channel or any other technical operations to collect personal information.


All the collected and to-be-collected personal data from C S Group may be used for the following purposes:


  • Facilitating C S Group and its members to provide services and/or products, including but not limited to real estate agency, auction, valuation, miscellaneous auction, mortgage services, online commercial trading and other related services to customers.
  • C S Group will send e-mails from time to time to provide / supply of services; products, direct marketing and promotional information to customers. If the customer does not wish to receive this type of messages, he/she may notify the Data Protection Officer of C S Group in writing or by e-mail.
  • To collect the overall registered number of customers on our website of C S Group.
  • To abide by the HKSAR Government, other jurisdictions, legislation and statutory bodies of the command.




C S Group may provide the collected customer personal information to third parties, including other members of the C S Group (including but not limited to C S Surveyors Limited; C S Auctioneers Limited; C S Asset Management Limited; Shanghai Chung Sen Manly Real Estate Appraisal Company Limited; Chung Sen Manly Property (Shanghai) Company Limited; Shanghai Golden East Property Management Company Limited and Guangzhou Representative Office) ; associate of the Group companies; contractors; any support of the operation of this website agents, advertisers and other commercial partners having a duty of confidentiality with C S Group.


We will do our best to ensure that personal data collected from C S Group is properly stored in the storage system, and is accessed only by authorized employees, but in view of the opened and global nature of the Internet, C S Group may not be able to protect and keep the confidentiality of customer personal information due to intentional interference of the third-party. When customers view other Web pages through our Group website, their personal information will not be protected within the scope of data protection and privacy policies.

C S Group reserves the right to make changes to such a declaration at any time. A request for access to and correction of your personal information or privacy policy of our Group and any queries of the execution regarding our data protection and privacy policies, please contact our Data Protection Officer at below address:


C S Surveyors Limited
1/F, Kimley Commercial Building
No. 142-146 Queen's Road Central
Hong Kong


Last Update: June 2011