Chattles and Machinery

Since 1990, C S Auctioneers Ltd. have been well know of its professional and experienced auction services. In addition to property auction, we have established Chattels and Machinery Department to handle disposal of vehicles, ships, chattels, machines, security for loans, and other valuable products.


Characteristics of our services:

With 25 years of experience in the industry, C S Auctioneers has accumulate extensive client base, including collectors, second hand buyers, investors and end users. We are always able to market the goods to the target customers.

Customized promotion campaigns (including newspaper, faxes, poster and web sites, phone calls) will be launched in order to enhance the property's exposure in the market and hence increasing opportunity to attract potential buyers.

With professional opinions from auctioneers, surveyors, valuers, town planners, collectors, C S Auctioneers can always propose the best way for disposing the chattels and machinery. The sales team will them market the goods to the potential customers

  • Comprehensive service
    • Arrange inspection, taking photos and make proper record of the goods
    • Arrange valuation report for valuable goods
    • Propose the best way to disposal the chattels and machinery
    • Self-owned auction venue enables flexible auction arrangements
    • One-stop service – C S Auctioneers could arrange different types of selling channels for clients, including public auction, tender and private treaty. C S could assist clients to arrange valuation, finance, promotion, insurance and transportation if necessary.

  • Extensive client base

  • Tailored Marketing strategies

  • Experienced and professional team


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