Tenancy Management

Efficient and effective property management is crucial in enhancing the values of properties. Our all-round Tenancy Management services facilitate the management of tenancies of landed properties for both local and overseas landlords, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of property investment without worrying the daily hassles arise from them. Our property management team has accumulated solid experience in providing a wide spectrum of maintenance services to our clients, namely banks, financial institutions, church, trustee, liquidators, publicly-owned firms and property investors. Customized packages could be arranged to suit our client’s varying requirements.Scope Services includes:


Tenancy Management

  • Settlement of utilities charges, management fees and other expenses and submission of property tax returns
  • Handling of tenant complaints
  • Rental collection & leasing account management
  • Handing rent in arrears
  • All day-to-day management of tenancies would be borne by professional
  • A monthly statement of accounts with all items of income and expenses are listed out


Agency and Lease Renewal

  • Tenant search and selection
  • Lease renewal
  • Rent reviews
  • Handing the sales matters of property


Property Maintenances and Repairs

  • Periodic inspections to ensure lease compliance
  • Property renovation and maintenance
  • Making maintenance or repair recommendations
  • Obtaining quotations for Maintenance and appointing contractors
  • Conducting inspection to ensure proper maintenance work
  • Keep landlord updated about the progress of maintenance work in common area of the building
  • Conducting regular inspections and submitting property reports
  • Conducing simple repair work to eliminate the impact of heavy rain and bad weather
  • Offering integrated pest management services
  • Officering supreme property leasing to suit out clients’s very management service