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Property Management

Introduction of Shangai Golden East Property Management Co. Ltd:

Shanghai Golden East Property Management Co. Ltd. (hereunder called “Golden East”) is a joint-venture professional property management company, between a Chinese state-owned enterprise and C S Group. Golden East has been awarded the 2nd Grade Property Management Certificate by The China Ministry of Construction and have also been elected as a member of The China Property Management Association and as a Council Member of The Shanghai Property Management Council.


At present, Golden East is actively managing a property portfolio with an approximate gross floor area of about 1.9 million square metres, comprising some middle-class to luxurious residential buildings, villas, offices and commercial blocks. We also render other value-added services to these buildings.


Incorporating a “people-oriented” development concept, Golden East focuses solely on property management, and also applies the notion of “managing the fundamentals, standardizing service levels and making continuous improvements” in its operations. We aim to achieve our service goal of offering all-rounded, high-quality, high-positioned and standardized services to our clients and to tactfully deal with all kinds of misunderstandings and disputes complying with corresponding laws and regulations. We serve and manage every property site whole-heartedly and make every effort to fulfill the requirements of our customers, and sincerely deliver on our commitments made in our contracts.


Golden East aim to continuously assimilate the most advanced management techniques and people-oriented management concepts from both the PRC and abroad and try to constantly improve our management standards in order to make our mode of property management not only adhering to market requirements but also aligning with the development of society.